Is IPL or the Cutera Laser Machine Better for Permanent Hair Removal? (Asian Skin)

My daughter and myself are currently going for laser treatments.  The salon we go to are using the cutera laser machine.  Will it help for pigmentation on my face? Please advice...

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IPL or Cutera laser for permanent Hair Reduction

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I think the Cutera Laser you are speaking of is the Nd: YAG laser. Of IPL and Nd: YAG you have available to you for permanent hair reduction, the Nd:YAg is the much better option.

The pigmentation on you face, may best be addressed with the IPL. Its effectiveness will very much depend on your skin type and the nature  and extent of the pigmentation. If the IPL is judged as not appropriate, there are other options available to you to resolve pigmentation. Be sure to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist in your area. 

Good Luck!

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