Does IPL Cause HYPER- or HYPO-pigmentation of a Mole?

I'm getting mixed messages - some say to avoid IPL on moles because it causes HYPERpigmentation, whereas others use IPL to remove moles! I received 5 sessions of IPL hair removal above my lip. I had a small, light brown colored, circular, flat mole on my upper lip, which now appears darker (no other changes). Did IPL cause this darkening of my mole? Should I be concerned?

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IPL will not remove moles

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IPL s useful in addressing areas of sun damage (sun spots or solar lentigos), targeting pigmented areas in the skin.  The areas that are treated become transiently hyperpigmented, followed by resolution.  IPL will not remove a mole, but can cause  transient Hyperpigmentation in a mole in a treated area.  It is rare for IPL to cause permanent pigmentary anomalies in fair skin.  With increasing pigmented, areas of Hyperpigmentation A series of IPL treatments are required for best results, typically spaced 4 weeks apart.

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