Does IPL Cause Aging? Can Fat Grafting Be Done 3 Days After Ipl Treatment? What Are the Side Effects of Facial Fat Grafting?

Hi, my face has moderate acne scars since last year, mainly pigmentation without any pitting. In addition, I also lost a lot of fat, especially around two temporal areas which makes me look like mid 30s (I am only 23). I really want to get fat grafting to restore the facial volume before school starts in late August, but not sure about the side effects. I also want to have ipl treatment done for the scars. Will that be fine if I do these treatments together or only couple days apart?

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Acne Scarring and Volume Replacement

Acne scarring treated with IPL is not an ideal choice as this is a light based device that will not do anything with the skin's texture. 

I think your options are:

  1. Dermabrasion that will all the skin to resurface (healing time need to be considered)
  2. Ablative fractionated laser to resurface the skin (healing time based on treatment)
  3. Deep Chemical Peel if your skin type is not Asian or Africian American

The temporal areas can be filled with fat transfer or from a filler like Sculptra or Juvederm.  The results of the later is more immediate and there is less down time when compared to Sculptra (more bruising) and fat transfer.   Good Luck.

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IPL can help colored acne scars that are either brown or red. Volume can be replaced with fat or Sculptra

IPL and fat grafting can be performed on the same day if the IPL is done first.  IPL can help red or brown acne scars that are not depressed or elevated.  Sculptra is also a good choice for the volume replacement and is very easy and quick to perform.

Mark Taylor, MD
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