Ipl Burns. I'm Scared I Am Going to Be Scarred?

I had an ipl performed this past Saturday, oct. 6. Afterwards I had severe pain and welts started appearing and turning purple/brown. The next day I woke up and my face was swollen like a pumpkin, eyes swollen almost shut and terrible burns. I went to the emergency room. They gave me prednisone and ultram. I contacted the doctor and told her what happened. She examined me and said this wasn't her "usual outcome" and apologized. She said it would be fine in 3 days. I don't believe her. Help!!

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IPL treatment

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It appears that the setting on the IPL machine were too high.  These do not sound like typically results from a treatment.  I would encourage you to protect the areas from sun exposure and to keep the areas moist as they heal.  Follow-up with a physician.

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Ipl settings and burns

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I agree that this is not the usual response. You can expect to be pink but my patients don't usually develop blisters or have pain.

This is definitely related to the settings being too high or if had recently gotten a lot of sun.

Keep the area moist with Vaseline and look for signs of infection like redness and tenderness. 

Consider coverage for cold sores if you have a history.



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