Recovery from IPL Burns?

I had IPL done on my upper lip and chin 8 weeks ago. It left me with burns on these areas. The skin is now red in some areas and brown in others. I have used a series of lighteners but it does not seem to be shifting.

I can't cover it up with makeup and am constantly crying as it is quite obvious on my face. I've taken two weeks off from work. Is this permanent and what can I do to speed up recovery?

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IPL burns

I would see a dermatologist ASAP to assess your burn, make sure its not infected, and get you on a proper regimen to clear it sooner rather than later. First, the area needs to be protected from sun exposure. Also, infection needs to be rule out. The area will be dry and irritable, and so requires bland non-fragranced moisturizers and washed with cleansers. Cold tea-bag compressed can soothe any discomfort. Then, based on the colors and the depth, your dermatologist can discuss fading the affected area with prescription fading creams and/or laser.

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