IPL Burn Marks. What Is My Best Option? (photo)

hi i have had 1 session of ipl treatmen to get rid of pigmentation on my face. The area which was burnt was very paniful for about an hour and then ater couple of days, it formed a black scab which fell off, however the marks were very white which turned darker.Picture taken 4 weeks efter treatment. What is the best and fast treatment in my case?

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IPL Scab...

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Keep out of direct sun light.  Use suncreen regularly.  Keep area moist with Aquaphor.  Do not pick at scabs.  You may need to you Hydroquinone creams after the scab falls off to prevent hyperpigmentation.  Follow up with your provider. 

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Dr. Grant Stevens  

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Post IPL Burn Treatment

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Hello, thank you for the question and your picture.  It appears from your picture that may have sustained a superficial injury to the skin from the heat generated by your IPL treatment.  Although this is a risk of the IPL treatment, it typically will resolve over time with proper care.  I would suggest you avoid sun exposure to the area, use a high quality full coverage sunscreen and follow up with your provider for possible treatment with hydroquinone cream. Post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation can occur following this type of injury to the skin.  Sun protection and pigment blockers will generally provide lightening over time, but it can take several months for this to fully resolve.  Additional IPL treatments to the area is probably not advisable. Good luck.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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IPL Burn Marks. What Is My Best Option?

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Was the IPL done by a doctor or a staff member? Appears as a burn with hyperpigmentation. Best to seek in person evaluation. 

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