Had Ipl Burn.. is It Advisable to Use Laser for Hyperpigmentation

i had ipl in the month of jan and got burnt and i am still left with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. and they still dont seem to fade away even with bleaching cream it just lightens and comes back the day i stop it and even tca peels has not given any drastic result. had 2 tca peels of 35%.is it advisable to use laser for removing this scar since a cosmetologist suggested it to me. what are the chances and what precaution should be taken.i have posted my pics below.

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Treatment Options for IPL Burns

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I am sorry to hear about your burn. I do not offer IPL treatments in my office to patients with Fitzpatrick type 5 or 6 skin (dark brown or black). This is because IPL is absorbed by melanin in the skin and is prone to cause burns in these skin types. I would recommend that you avoid IPL therapy in the future because you will face the same risk.

Hopefully, the pigmentation will continue to improve over time.  For now, you should avoid the sun strictly. I would recommend that you consider waitng some time for your skin to heal before considering laser treatment or more peels. A good option is applying topical bleaching creams (such as hydroquinone) to the darker areas for up to 6 months or more if needed. I have had some success in the hyperpigmented areas with low energy 1064 nm Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatments. There are reports of success in some patients with light chemical peels.

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