Will IPL Help with Dry Eyes After Eyelid Surgery?

I had a Subciliary Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty to both Eyes now over 3 months i still have Dry Eyes.By Cutting the lower Eyelids right under the Eyelash line to the corner and out.Does this cause a problem with the oil ducts in the Eyelids. I never had a issue with Dry Eyes before this Surgery.My Doctor tells me it's not from the Surgery.I went to a Ophthaalmogist he tell me i have Dry Eyes.He tells me the tear evapovate on my eyes.I starting taking EFA caps.I been using Thera Tears 3x aday.I read IPL to the Area may Help

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IPL will NOT correct Dry Eye

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It is hard to make pronouncements without first examining the patient and the record but post surgical eye dryness is often the result of pre-existing and unrecognized dryness. The tear film is a very sophisticated emulsion of watery and oily secretions which covers the globe and runs from the lateral side of the upper lid (where the gland is located) to the tear duct along the innermost medial corner of the lower lid. ANY interruption in this pathway, especially in susceptible individuals may cause eye dryness.

Intense Photo Light therapy, IPL is a device that uses intense bursts of light to preferentially heat various skin targets and obliterate them. Blue light can destroy acne bacteria while other frequencies will remove blemishes, superficial vessels or unwanted hair. It is incomprehensible to me how anyone can claim that firing extremely bright bursts of light at an already functionally impaired eye would not cause blindness much less, could improve tear production in the long term.

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