IPL and Obagi Blender?

I have been using Obagi blender with tretinoin for over a month. is it advisable to start a series of monthly facial IPL sessions for brown spots? thank you

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IPL and Obagi Blender

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You can do a series of IPL treatments, however it is highly advisable to discontinue using the tretinoin (Retin-A) at least a few days prior to treatment and a few days after treatment. 

Tretinoin is Retin-A and needs to be stopped a few days before IPL

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Tretinoin is a Retin-A and retinols or Retin-A make you more photosensitive. If you want to do IPL while you are using products like these, you MUST NOT USE THEM FOR 48 HOURS PRIOR to IPL and for probably 24 hours after (just due to sensitivity). We treat patients on photosensitive medications all the time with IPL, but we follow strict guidelines when doing so so that you aren't in danger of being burned, but you so can also receive an effective treatment.

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