IPL Age Spots - Does IPL Work?

I am a Filipino with light tan complexion. Will IPL work for removing age spots on me? Which IPL equipment will work best for me?

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Will IPL work on age spots?

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There are age spots and there are other reasons for dark spots on the face .  Look at my other IPL responses. 

Patients with darker skin types can have very good results after IPL.. Don't worry so much about the device - the treater is the key to your success!

Fillipino skin may not get the best results from IPL treatments.

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You should proceed with caution. IPL PhotoFacials work best on those with light skin, hair and eyes. You could try IPL if you're fair skin-colored, but you'll likely require more than 4 treatments. It's possible that you may not get an adequate result, or your brown spots could get worse. So go for several consultations before you get started.

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Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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