Halo recovery. Any suggestions?

Ok, I am kind of panicking here. I finished my 3rd Halo/BBL treatment (Halo at 20%) 6 days ago. After these treatments I can tell my skin tone is super clear, my face looks more lifted (less jowly), but my skin itself looks really wrinkled and it's freaking my out. My provider does not seem concerned and says it's normal, but I am so scared.

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Picture wil help= plus HALO is not designed to lift jowls.

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Halo is one of the lightest laser treatments one can get, thought the density can be adjusted, the erbium laser itself only goes to the upper layers of the skin. At 20% density, this is very conservative. Halo is NOT designed to lift the jowls. Speak to your Specialist, as if a procedure can be performed, it should be managed by a practitioner. We would help, if you could show us a picture. For jowls, treatments like ULtherapy work a lot better. All the best, Dr Davin Lim 

Halo recovery- wrinkled skin post tx.

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In addition to the other wonderful answers given, your skin will be dryer and dehydrated due to the fact that the laser targets water in the skin. So basically it will seem dryer and cause wrinkles to look more visible for up to 1 month. Plenty of hydration topically will help and time. You will love your results!

Sarah Haydel, MD
Houma Dermatologic Surgeon
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Halo recovery

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After Halo, the skin is rough and is still healing in the deeper layers. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the collagen to rebuild. During recovery you may look a little worse but your skin should look better each week. If by 6-8 weeks the wrinkles are still a concern, follow up with your provider.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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Recovery After Halo Laser

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How scary for you! I'm sorry you're not getting more support from your office, but to a certain extent, what you're going through can be very normal. I'm curious if you had the same settings with your previous treatments as this seems to be a different experience for you.You've probably peeled already or are right around the time of peeling and during this time the surface of your skin is covered with the old damaged collagen which is being removed from your skin and replaced with fresh new collagen and skin from the laser treatment. This old skin is very dull and dehydrated.Even after your skin peels, it remains dull and dehydrated for about a week. I tell all my patients to expect to feel fully healed by day 10 and start to take on a really fresh glow by week 2-3.
Best of luck to you!

Rebecca Gelber, MD
Incline Village Physician

Wrinled skin

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Youre recovering from temporary edema, which leaves fine wrinkles and will go away. If it isnt vastly improved by two weeks talk with your provider. Dont fret!-cr

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