My gluteal implants look uneven horrible and you can see them. (photos)

I had gluteal implants done 5 weeks ago they looks good the first two Weeks then got infected and so I had Jackson prats put in me for over a week now my implants look horrible one is higher then the other, looks Uneven and you can see the implants

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It seems like your infection has affected the implants. The most definitive treatment is to remove them and evaluate if new ones should be placed. With new implants, a plastic surgeon can discuss the options with you, and if one were to choose to just remove them and are concerned with the results of skin stretching, a lift and tuck of the skin can be discussed to improve the appearance of the area. A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in butt implants is recommended. 

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Dr. Mowlavi

Buttock Implants

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The results are not ideal to say the least.If these implant got infected, they need to be removed.Even if they were not infected, they are above the muscle with little coverage and will cause major problems in the future and will need to be removed. As for replacement that will depend after review of your history and medical records.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Butt implants look horrible

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Of course an in person physical exam is needed to confirm but based upon your photos i do not expect much improvement because your implants appear to be on top of the muscle under a thin layer of skin. Only time will tell but you may benefit from removal and replacement of the implants to under the gluteus maximus muscle. Glad to help.  

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