Breast shape issues after breast augmentation. What are my options?

I need a third party's opinion. I recently had breast augmentation, with 350 cc in each breast under the muscle. My surgeon said I would not need a breast left. Although happy with the size, I am not happy with the shape. What are my options? Should I have gotten a lift as well? If I were your patient, would you do a revision surgery? Would you charge me for it? Thanks.

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You have a double bubble in left breast

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You have sagging. You also have a double bubble especially on your left side.  Yes, you will need revision.  Surgeon will be justified in charging for surgery.

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Breast shape issues after breast augmentation. Wht are my options?

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. In your question, you did not mention how "recently" your surgery was performed. This is important because if you are early out, it is likely that your breasts will continue to change, hopeful for the better over the course of the first several months postoperatively. If on the other hand you are six months to one year out of surgery, significant further changes is unlikely.

Based on your photograph, I do not think breast lifting is necessary. On the other hand, revisionary breast surgery (assuming your breast shape does not change) may be helpful. Although physical examination be necessary to give you good advice, it is likely that adjustment of the person capsules (pocket)  may be helpful when it comes to improving breast shape significantly.

Revisionary breast surgery costs/policy will vary  from one practice to another. Best wishes.

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