Will this work as a garment I had my lipo /bbl june 3 Will it be to tight in the butt also will tightness kill fat? (photo)

I was recommend by my sergen to get a smaller gardment I had lipo on my stomack flanks and inner thighs alot of my fat transfer has died my hips are 35.5 and waist 28 the gardment i ordered chart says to get a "xs" ordering by hips will that be to tight around the butt and also will this garment work as a post garment? I was told to get one tight because I still had a lot of swelling around my stomach and would help reshape my butt since a lot of fat has died? And doesn't look very round?

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BBL and liposuction garment post op

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Hi Rubi,

Thanks for your question. The garment usually is based on your doctors recommendations. You are correct in that if it is too tight, there will be less circulation and more fat necrosis or death. I am not sure were you are in the healing process of your recovery, but sometimes when the fat is placed into the gluteal region, it is placed with a lot of saline and thus that resorbs and it looks like the fat died. I am not sure how your surgeon performed the surgery. Thus you need to ask you plastic surgeon what is best. You a garment with a gluteal opening and more compression around the part you want shaped. I would get one from a medical company rather than amazon. It usually costs more but they are specifically designed for BBL's. Good Luck.

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Lipo garment

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Best to ask your surgeon what would appropriate for his post-op patients. Best of luck....................

Steven Wallach, MD
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