What is involved in a scar revision, and would it be feasible for me? (photo)

What is involved in a scar revision? Is this done with a local anesthetic in the office? I am not too happy with how my incisions around my areolas are looking. They started out as very thin, now they are more red and are widening. I am 9 wks post-op. My incisions from previous surgeries have not done this. I have been using silicone sheets. Will a scar revision be feasible for me, and is there anything else I can do to help my incisions look better?

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Scar revision after breast surgery

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At this time it is early to consider a scar revision.  Scars can change a lot over the next six months and some of the things you are seeing, which look typical for this recovery time, are very likely to improve.  At this time you may want to consider other options to improve the scars and help them to heal.  There is quite a bit of redness and you are fair-skinned.  Photolight or IPL/BBL may be helpful to decrease the vascular ingrowth.  Ask your surgeon about these options but mostly be patient and give the scars time.  

What is involved in a scar revision, and would it be feasible for me?

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MUCH to early in wound healing and scar maturation to consider your plan.. You may need to be more realistic in your expectations and allow healing for 6 months! 

Breast scar revisions?

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I think that it is way too early to consider a scar revision. It is often at this time that the scars appear their "angriest."  At one year you can reassess and sees how they look.

Scar revision

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If you have a scar revision now,  in 9 weeks you'll be asking us the same question. Have some patience. Keep faith with your surgeon. Wait a year and compare your scars then with your scars now. You'll likely not need any revision. 

Victor Au, MD (retired)
Chapel Hill Plastic Surgeon

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