Invisilign Effective on Crowns?

Can invislign work if you have a bulky crown that was a result of a large correction and then after roots are moved re crown without losing the tooth under neath.

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Can Invisaline Work on Crowns

The process works the same whether you are moving a natural tooth or a tooth with a crown.  After you are done the crown can be replaced due to the excessive bulkiness you describe if appropriate.

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Invisalign on Crowns

Invisalign can move a tooth with a crown just like it can move a tooth with a filling.  I would look at if the bulky crown should be "shaved down" to normal size first, as if it stays too bulky it may be hard to put into the ideal position with the other teeth.  After movement, the old crown could be replaced if the tooth is healthy underneath.

Daniel B. Strader, DDS
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