Invisilign Express: Just for Crowding? (photo)

I had braces before. Lost my retainer. I seem like the likely candidate for Invisilign Express because my teeth look pretty straight from the front but when you see from the other angle (see pics) you can see the front 4 teeth are not straight anymore especially the 4th tooth (the one closest to my beauty mark). I guess I don't know what "crowding" is, but my question is, does IE correct minor crookedness too & not just crowding?

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Invisalign Express can work for minor crowding/relapse

It appears, from the 2 photo's you submitted that Invisalign Express may be appropriate for you.  We consider minor crookedness to be crowding, so as long as your bite is good you may qualify.  Invisalign Express can work well in cases like yours where there is minor, post orthodontic treatment, relapse.  I suggest you see an Orthodontist that has experience with Invisalign (the Doctor Locator on the Invisalign website can be a good place to start your search), to see what your options are.  Best of luck!

Seattle Orthodontist

Invisalign Express

From the pics you submitted, it appears as if Invisalign Express might work for your minor crowding. See what your Invisalign doc thinks.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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