Invisilign. Is It Okay To Jump Ahead An Extra Week If I Lost The Tray?

lost my Invisilign tray the second week ..AND i lost the previous dentist said to jump ahed one week early to the next tray..even though the tray was tight for a day and a half? Was this ok advice?

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Lost invisalign tray, ok to jump ahead

In my office I would have told you the same thing.  As long as the current one fits and then in 2 weeks the next one fits you should be OK.  My concern is that you already lost two sets of trays.  That is a problem.  Use the trays your dentists provides you with

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OK To Jump Ahead 1 Week Invisalign

I would have advised the same. As long as the current one tracks properly by the end of 2 weeks, and the next set fits as well, you should be just fine.

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