Invisalign to Widen the Dental Arches? (photo)

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to widen the dental arches with invisaling? first time got 4 teeth extracted. ended up with no lip support flat cheeks, and narrow arches. Now trying to open up extraction sites to place implants in. ortho wants to open up spaces more pushing my teeth back using TADs, and sure smile braces, after open up spaces he wants to change to invisaling to widen my arches. Will invisaling works in adults? Will this be worth it?

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Invisalign used to widen arches?

there are some great cases out there where patients arches appear wider. Align (the company who makes Invisalign) says you can predictably get a few mm of width. that said evenings bone density its unique. personally, it doesn't make much sense to me. If you doctor is using Suresmile they should be able to program width into your treatment plan. I find braces to be much more predictable than Invisalign at widening and in long term stability. I base this opinion on my experience. I am an Invisalign Elite Orthodontist who loves loves loves big smiles. It is my niche. I often use Niti EXPANDERS with braces our prior to Invisalign, even in adults. Sometimes just for cosmetic, sometimes to replace make room to replace teeth, sometimes to widen with out replacing teeth. All add that lip support you are looking for. Dynaflex Laborator's Series 2000 expanders, is who I use. they are extremely comfortable and no cranking. I hesitate to promise expansion with Invisalign because too many times after expansion i see width loss DURING Invisalign treatment. I am working with align on this presently. Me gut tells me Suresmile or regular braces should get you all you want. Ma ving into Invisalign will add cost. Unless you told them you want the braces on and of a fast as possible the its no benefit to switch. Opening space for implants its difficult enough with braces.

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