With Invisalign, Will Two #4 Rubber Bands Apply a Lot of Pressure to my Jaw?

I have had my jaw joints replaced with metal and have little to no movement of my jaw. I am in the process of getting Invisalign and was told I would need to wear 2 rubber bands- going from my bicuspids to my back molars. I am worried that this will make my jaw sore. The ortho was supposed to ask Invisalign if my case could be done without rubber bands, but he did not. Now, I have all of my trays and am now expected to wear rubber bands.

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Elastic bands with Invisalign and immobile jaw joints?

An unusual case where the jaw joints are mentioned.

Orthodontics is usually the movement of teeth. when elastics are mentioned then i usually think that a large overjet isbeing reduced.

In my experience I have never used elastics and have successfully reduced 12mm overjets with 2 extractions and just Invisalign.

Invisalign should not be putting any force or pressure on the jaw joints. 

Every doctor has his way of doing things so may be you should ask if more attachments is better than elastics.

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