Can Invisaligns Treat my Two Pre Molars Up the Top of my Mouth with out Extractions?

I have 2 premolars up the top of my mouth i was wondering if Invisaligns could fix it with out moving my mouth shape/lips ( extractions) ???? i also have a grap between my teeth

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Yes it can fix your premolars.

Sometimes elastics are used to pull them down into the trays or aligners but attachments should work just fine. You have a gap in the front so there should be plenty of room for them. During the prework up they will be able to tell you more...

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Am I a Candidate for INvisalign

It appears from the photos that you would be a candidate for invisalign although a complete evaluation of your mouth, gums and bite would be required to make the final determination.  You would not require any extractions from what I can see in the picture.  The teeth that you were talking about were are canines, not premolars.  Hope this information helps. I would consult with a dentist who has experience with invisalign to determine your treatment options.

Leonard Tau, DMD
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