Invisaligns Extremely Noticeable, Should I Be Able to be Reimbursed for the Trays I Haven't Used?

I had a consultation and received my first 2 sets of trays weeks later. Was told I only needed 16 trays after receiving the video,then came in after paying 3k on carecredit and told 32 trays. Was also told they are not visible, but the attachments are bigger than my k9 teeth and can be seen across a room. I am extremely unhappy and the DDS will not give my money back because this was the total cost for making all of the trays?..yet I only received 2 trays..does this sound right?

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Invisalign trays are normally dispensed 2 at a time

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While all 36 have been made, to be sure things don't get lost most offices give out 2 or 3 at a time.  The entire cost is up front since all trays are made at the same time, so there is very little refund to be given, most of the fee is the trays.  Most offices will gladly dispense all remaining trays in a situation like this, but a full refund is highly unlikely.

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