Could Invisalign Work for Me? Gap Upper Canine

I'm 22-My current orthodontist does not offer invisalign, so does not want to talk about it, but I am still interested. I still have 1 baby upper canine. Once it falls out, there will be a gap as the permanent tooth has erupted behind it. I know it's difficult to say without having a more detailed history, but does this sound like something you think invisalign could fix, as opposed to braces? I just graduated college and am trying to find a job-I feel like braces would not be the best right now

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Yes invisalign can work,but not initially.

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What would be a good idea is to use 2-3 brackets,,(white) and use a wire to pull the canine into positon. Should only take a few months. Then you would switch to invisalign to finish the job and not be hindered by wearing brackets for the entire treatment.  I would much rather wear invisalign for 18 months than braces for 9 months..I've had both and the brackets really destroyed my lips and were constanly bleeding. Find an orthodontist that can do this 2 phase treatment and you'll be better off.

Los Angeles Dentist

Think about Lingual or ceramic braces instead...

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Since the canine appears to be your main concern, it is important that what ever you decide to do, that it will address that concern to your satisfaction.  Invisalign likely will not.  First it has it's limitations on turning canines because of their shape, and secondly it has limitations on moving the root in the proper position.  It is what we orthodontists call "torque".  The crown may be able to turned and moved towards a more acceptable (but imperfect) position with Invisalign, but the root will likely be left back in the palate so the tooth will appear to be tipped outwards.

There are other solutions to address the concern of braces showing.  Incognito braces are custom made braces that go on the back of your teeth so they do not show at all and are provided by a select few orthodontists.  They are incredible!  Also many orthodontists offer tooth colored ceramic braces which tend to blend in better.  Either of these will give you a better and more predictable result.

Doug Depew, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Braces will work better for malpositioned canine

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Hi. From the pictures, it is evident that your permanent canine has erupted behind your maxillary lateral incisor and is rotated as well. This type of movement would be more effective, faster, and get a better result with fixed orthodontic appliances. I would recommend seeing an orthodontist. Many adults now have the clear ceramic braces and they are not that noticeable.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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