Would Invisalign work on my teeth? I have an overbite and teeth are crowded (Photo)

My teeth on top are crowded and there is absolutely no room for them to move around. I am mostly concerned with the teeth that are shifted up above my front teeth. My bottom teeth are crooked, but not as noticeable because I do have an overbite. So my question is, am I applicable to get Invisalign?

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For your particular case, I would not recommend Invisalign.  It seems that your canine teeth are your biggest issue here.  Invisalign is great at moving anterior teeth, closing small spaces, and relieving crowding, but not very good at moving canines.  Canine teeth have the longest roots of any teeth and are most difficult to move.  I would recommend consulting and orthodontist.  This would give you the most cost effective solution.  A cosmetic dentist, such as myself could fix your teeth in 1 or 2 appointments, but several teeth would have to be restored, which may not be the most cost effective method for you at this time.

Invisalign Candidate?

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I strongly recommend against invisalign for you.  Your case is moderately complex due to moderate crowding.  It is imperative to try to get arch width expansion.  Usually you don't develop a crowded arch like yours unless there is an Airway problem.  That should be evaluated before you have any treatment and should be addressed as part of your treatment.  It is imperative that you have arch expansion as part of the plan.  DO not extract any teeth!

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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