Will Invisalign Work with Large Tooth Fillings? (photo)

In january i had impressions taken for my invisalign. Before they came back, I chipped/broke my front tooth halfway off and had to have a filling to make it appear normal. My first tray was extremely painful as the filling did not fit perfectly so I had it filed down/shaped further so that it would fit and so the 1st and 2nd tray fit decently and weren't too painful. I'm now on my 3rd tray and i'm feeling much more pain in just that tooth. I'm afraid it is not shifting along with the rest of them.

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Invisalign with a large tooth filling

Since Invisalign trays have a very precise fit if the tooth shape was drastically changed after the molds where taken, they will not fit properly. You doctor should take new molds to design the trays that fit over the new bonded tooth.

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Invisilign after large front filling

There are a couple things that may be occuring. 1) Trauma - when you originally broke there amy have been some nerve trauma which could explain some sensitivity. 2) Have new impressions taken with the exisisting filling and send a revision form to Invisilign.

Invisalign and Large Front Filling

There are 2 possibilities: 1. The "bonded" repair of that tooth still needs more filing down to fit the tray properly, or else the doc can take new impressions and that way the rest of the trays will fit better. 2: It's possible, that due to the trauma and fracture, the front tooth's nerve might be diing and might require Root Canal. Have your dentist evaluate ALL the above.

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Invisalign fit

You should have your dentist take new Invisalign impressions and have new aligners fabricated to ensure proper fit.

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