Could Invisalign Work for Me? (photo)

i'm 35 and would like to know if invisalign treatment could work for me. i have badly crowded teeth on my bottom with no spaces. on the top i think it's ok as there is some space. see the pictures. i appreciate any advise? thanks

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Invisalign will work!

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Invisalign will work for your situation.  Although I would like to see more complete photos, showing how your teeth fit together, the amount of crowing present can be nicely corrected with aligners.  There may need to be some alteration of the teeth by the method talked about by Dr. Neuhaus.

Invisalign Could Work for You

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From your photos, it appears as if Invisalign would be ideal for you. Your lower anterior teeth can be straightened out with Invisalign utilizing IPR (interproximal reduction). The dentist will use a "sand-paper-like" strip to file away a very slight amount of enamel inbetween those teeth to make room for them to move.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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