Age 25 and never had braces: Will Invisalign Work for Me or are ceramic braces better? (photo)

I am a 25 year old male who never had the courage to get braces.I have consulted 3 orthodontists uptil now for my case and 2 of them say that invisalign will solve my case quicker, according to them it will take around 10 months with invisalign and around 1.5 years with braces. All I want to ask is whether its best for me to get invisalign or ceramic braces? I have also had a history tmj but its fine now. I am attaching my x rays so the pictures are self explanatory I dont have to explain alot.

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Invisalign Treatment

Without photos we cannot tell you what treatment would be best. If one of the orthodontists that you previously consulted with made you feel comfortable to the point where you want to be his/her patient.. you will have to trust the information the orthodontist has given you. 

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Invisalign or Ceramic Braces

Your question cannot be simply answered just from viewing your Panorex and Ceph. You have to trust the judgement of a Board Ctified Orthodontist that has examined you in person.

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