Will Invisalign Work for Me? Overcrowding Issues. (photo)

In 2000-2001 I had traditional braces for 18 months. Although I was diligent with wearing a retainer once they were removed, they have slowly moved back over the years. I have had 8 teeth removed in total - 4 to assist with the overcrowding and 4 wisdom teeth. I am wondering if I am a suitable candidate for Invisalign? I am not interested in traditional braces for aesthetic reasons. Thank you!

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Will Invisalign Work for Me? Overcrowding Issues

I hate to say it, but your case is a perfect example of why bicuspid extraction orthodontic treatment is such a complete disaster. No way should your teeth be so badly misaligned if the correct diagnosis and treatment had been used the first time. You can certainly use Invisalign to "restraighten" your teeth but you will only be moving the teeth back into the obviously unstable location that they were put in originally. You will then be forced to fight to keep them there and probably won't have any more success than you did the first time. 

There is a FAR better way to straighten your teeth but it's not a simple fix and it could never be done with Invisalign alone. The really bad news is that because of your eight extracted teeth and unstable orthodontic treatment you will also be forced to deal with potential airway issues and TMJ Dysfunction. I wish the solution to your problem was as simple as Invisalign but unfortunately it is not.

Good luck!

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