Would Invisalign Work for a Crooked Jawline?

My dentist says i need braces for my crooked jawline. My teeth are pretty straight and a little crowded on the bottom. Would invisalign work for my crooked jawline?

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Invisaligns impact on a crocked jaw line

if your Orthodontist has determined you have a "crooked jaw line" that sounds skeletal. in my experience the only way to change something skeleton (in the cortical bone) its surgery (non grower), orthopedic appliances (best on patients still growing), the use of extraoral appliances or TADs. that said, if it its not skeletal then braces and Invisalign are generally equal in resulting tooth movements. it sounds like you need a little bit more explanation of why your jaw its crooked. never be afraid to ask or get a second opinion. And feel comfortable about your treatment fixing what you are expection.

Invisalign for a Crooked jawline

Without seeing pictures of your teeth and "jawline", it is impossible to answer your question. What exactly is crooked, if not your teeth?

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