Does Invisalign Work for Buck Teeth?

I have really bad buck teeth. When I'm biting down, I have about a half inch space between my upper front teeth and my bottom teeth. Will Invisalign work to fix a problem like this?

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Invisalign CAN work, but it is complicated

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Sometimes a "buck teeth" appearance is from the flaring of the teeth, and simply correcting the angulation satisfies the patient. If the jaws are truly not aligned well, then the use of bonded attachements and elastics can help.

At this point, Invisalign isn't much different than ceramic brackets (tooth colored braces with tooth colored wires), but more challenging than wires.

I would suggest a consultation with an Invisalign provider to find out if Invisalign would be best for you.

Invisalign can work for buck teeth

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Invisalign can pull the upper teeth back a lot as long as there is space to do so. You may need to have two bicuspids pulled to allow the backing up of your teeth. Also headgear could be worn at nite time to assist the invisalign on the upper arch.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

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