Does Invisalign Work on All Types of Overbites?

Hey, I'm from Norway where they also have this kind of treatment. I'm gonna be 17 soon and I'm considering Invisalign. I have a huge overbite, and have read on the Norwegian site that Invisalign can't work on all types of overbite, even though it says on the English sites that it works. So I wonder do you think it will work for me? :P

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Over bite or Over jet?

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If it's true overbite where the upper teeth are very low in front and cover the lower teeth completly then Invisalign works fine. They will be able to push the upper teeth up into position by placing some attachments on the side. But if you have buck teeth that stick out in front thats called an over jet. Invisalign will work for this type of movement but it may include pulling some teeth (biscuspids) and pulling the front teeth back into that space. So, it depends on which of these malocclusions you have.

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Invisalign is less predictable with overbites

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While it certainly CAN work, the effort involved normally is felt not to be worth the time. Most severe overbites would need surgery to correct, and at that point Invisalign may be applied.

When Invisalign providers try to be heroic and address an overbite, the associated elastics and buttons become just as unaesthetic at wire braces, but without the predictability.

The best advice is from your local providers. If you can't find any provider to agree that Invisalign can work, then they may be right.

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