Invisalign for Wider Dental Arch?

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I am considering a treatment of some sort to get a wider dental arch. Is this possible in adults without "tilting" the teeth out on an angle? How is the success rate with Invisalign for this type of treatment and how does it work? Time?

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Invisalign for widening the arch

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On nearly all of my cases, I broaden the smile by widening the arch. It is a relatively simple movement performed in Invisalign treatment. I'm doing it to my own arches as we speak!

Arch expansion with Invisalign DOES work

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Time involved depends on how much expansion and sometimes age of the patient, as younger people effectively have "softer bone" and teeth move a little easier. The average invisalign case is around 11 months, but may be more depending on the expansion involved.

Ask your Dr for some before and after photos to see what can be done.

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