Can Invisalign Widen Smile and Move Teeth Forward?

I am 51 years old. My braces came off 2 years ago; had 4 extractions. My teeth don't look bad, however, they are too far back, my arch is too narrow, & top lip droops because not supported well. Prior to braces I had an overbite but a big pretty smile and I want to try and get it back. I was wondering if invisalign could widen my smile and/or bring my teeth more forward? What are my other options besides surgery? What about opening spaces & implants? I also have small gaps between back teeth.

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Use Invisalign to widen your upper arch then get...

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6 Veneers to fill the gaps and get the smile you want..You'll only be pushing out your upper 6 teeth and leaving spaces between them for the veneers. There are computer imaging labs out there that could show you your approx. end result....Dr Thomas

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