Invisalign While Living in Two Different Countries Possible?

I'm interested in Invisalign, but I spend half of the year in the U.S. and the rest in Asia. How difficult would it be to get the Invisalign in the U.S. knowing I will not be able to go to the appointments every 6-8 weeks. Would it be possible to find a Invisalign provider to help me in my scenario? What about getting the Invisalign in the U.S. and switching to a dentist to monitor the treatment here? Or is there any possibility that I could get digital X-rays, or sent to the U.S. dentist?

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Invisalign in 2 Different Countries

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You would have to get the 2 different dentists to make an arrangement with Invisalign whereby they both have access to your Invisalign Clin-cheks. Probably won't happen.

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