Invisalign Vs Neuromuscular Braces?

Please help! I'm a 17 year old girl and I have an overbite, when I was 13 we were looking to correct it with braces but couldn't afford it. Now as I'm older, I've gone to an orthodontist who has told me I would need jaw surgery to fix it. We went to a very highly regarded dentist in the city who has said she can straighten and widen my teeth with Invisalign or can use neuromuscular dentistry to fix my bite, which really doesn't bother me in the first place I just want my teeth straighter. Help!

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Neuromuscular dentistry

There is really no such thing as neuromuscular dentistry!  This is one of those "holistic" terms that some doctors throw around.

I would be very careful about a general dentist who tells you that he can fix your problem without surgery when an orthodontist is telling you that you need surgery for an ideal result....DO NOTHING before you get at least two more opinions from qualified risk a lot with an incorrect treatment!

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