Financial Assistance for Cosmetic Dentistry?

I would love Invisalign and veneers, but would need some financial assistance. Is there anyone in Boston that knows of such a thing?

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Financial Assistance for Invisalign or Veneers

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These are expensive cosmetic procedures and most dental offices do not do in house financing. Dental practices offer patient financing through Citibank, Chase Health Advance, and Care Credit.  This is like a credit card for your dental needs.  You can apply yourself or most offices will help you with the application online so you will know right away if you qualify or not.  These are good plans and some are interest free if you pay them off within a specific time frame.  They are very affordable and it is not quite so bad on your budget if the payments for Invisalign or Veneers are extended over a period of time.  Most all dental offices have these plans in place so make sure you find a good cosmetic dentist...that should be your first priority and make sure you research them well online as well as seeing more than one for a consultation and check out the Dr.'s before and after procedures and ask how many invisalign cases he has done and look at the before and after your homework and I am assured they all offer theses financing options above!

Valencia Dentist

Maybe the dental school?

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Perhaps you can look into one of the dental schools in the Boston Area. While treatment is rarely free there, perhaps the total may be more manageable for you.

Steve Carstensen, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Experienced cosmetic dental offices are experts in healthcare financing

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Very few people write a check for payment in full for cosmetic dentistry (unless your definition of cosmetic dentistry is a single white filling). As a result, creating a payment plan is normal. Very few dental offices will offer in house financing and rely on professional lenders to help. This allows the dental office to focus on treating their patients and provide the best care.

Some common plans are CareCredit, Springstone or Chase Healthcare Financing. An experienced office will have systems in place to make this part of treatment smooth and efficient.

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Financing or "Payment Plans" for Dental Treatment

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Most dentists offer third party financing through companies like CareCredit and Capital One.  You have to apply and get accepted to get a line of credit for your dental care.  Very, very few dentists do their own financing.  Those that do, usually lose out in the long run.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

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