Invisalign or Veneers for Female at Age 22?

Invisalign consultation summary of Ortho's findings: Moderate crowding on upper & lower teeth. Upper arch is "V" shaped instead of "U" shaped. Other than that, my teeth are in great shape. People have asked me if I've had braces, including dentists. However, I don't like how my top two front teeth lean slightly inward & the tooth next to my left front tooth overlaps it a little. Kind of like Katherine Heigl, maybe not as bad. I want a quick fix, regardless of cost to have a perfect smile.

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Invisalign will be the best option

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Invisalign will be the best option and the treatment should not take more than 1 year.


Dr. Barba

Santa Ana Dentist

Invisalign vs. Veneers

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Okay, Katherine Heigel is beautiful but her teeth drive me crazy! I think you are wise to see correction of what bothers you.

Invisalign is a great option but it could take months. If it is minor, then probably 8 months or less. If you are okay with that, then go for that option. Invisalign can also make your arch rounder in appearance to give that U-shape which is natural and beautiful. That would, of course, take longer treatment.

Veneers are "instant orthodontics" because they can correct and improve your smile in two quick visits. If you are going to choose that route, make sure you seek treatment with a conservative dentist. It is likely that you two middle teeth may not need any enamel reduction at all. The veneers, which are called "no-prep veneers", can simply be added to the teeth that are sitting back. The two side teeth may need a little reduction.

Since your arch is V-shaped, you may want to consider doing at least 10 - 12 veneers to round out the appearance of the arch. Veneers can fill in the sides of your smile for a rounder smile. Also, if you want to change the color of your teeth (brighter) then veneers would be my choice.

Bobbi Stanley, DDS
Raleigh-Durham Dentist

Invisalign treatment is great because..

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You get to keep your own teeth and the maintanence is less than with veneers. Invisalign will take about 6 months and you'll love your teeth for a lifetime..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Quick fix for Moderate Crowding.

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I thing looking like Katherine Heigel is a good thing! If you want to look even better, assuming front teeth lean slightly inward, besides having orthodontics (Invisalign) or standard veeners done, the other option you have is prepless veneers. That is where NO or very little tooth structure is removed. Basically procedure can be called reversable because of that. It is a much more conservative approach to the teeth in your case.

Hope this helps,

With your dental health in mind,

Michael Ayzin, DDS
Dentistry @ Its Finest

Orthodontics or Invisalign?

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Looking a little like Katherine Heigel is not a bad thing! The situation you describe could be treated either way. Orthodontics would take longer and be more conservative (no tooth reduction).  Veneers would be a quick fix and may need retreatment in 20 years.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Definitely Invisalign

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Dear TrueSouthernBelle,

I am a cosmetic dentist, and I truly believe healthy, natural teeth should not be altered with veneers or bonding if they have great shape and color and have not had previous restorations.  It sounds like you present with this. In my opinion, a patient in your situation would be best served by finding a talented, experienced dentist or orthodontist to move your great teeth into their proper position and whiten them if you would like them to be brighter. Just doing these two treatments should result in a sensational smile that will bring you many compliments. It is easier for the patient and dental professional to take care of teeth when they are straight. Teeth will not wear unfavorably when they are properly aligned as well.

Douglas Jopling, DDS
Dallas, TX area

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