Extraction of Upper Maxillary Lateral Incisors for Invisalign?

I was hoping someone may be able to help me. I have been told that I would require the extraction of both maxillary lateral incisors in the top jaw prior to fitting for Invisalign. My concern is I have quite prominent canines (quite sharp and prominent actually) and that I would end up looking like a vampire. I was told "we can see how it goes while the treatment is happening." Is this a good idea? Will my canines recede and be re-shaped? Thank you!

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Recommend 2nd Opinion Befoer Pulling Front Teeth

I would recommend you seek a 2nd opinion before moving forward. Find a dentist or orthodontist who has done a lot of Invisalign cases. Schedule a consultation visit and ask the dentist's opinion on your case. Weighing the two opinions will help you decide what is best for you. Good Luck!

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Absolutely not

As an orthodontist I would highly recommend not removing the laterals. If there is severe crowding there are other extraction alternatives. The only time I will use the canines as laterals is when this teeth are missing and most of those times I still treatment plan the missing laterals to be replacement with implants and crowns.

The laterals are mostly an esthetic tooth and not functional. At all cost they must be maintained. If the laterals are peg(small) they can be restored by a cosmetic dentist to their proper size. If the canines are high I would highly recommend traditional braces over invisalign. Extrusive type forces to properly bring a tooth in position is very difficult to perform with invisalign. I do not have any of your records, but I would highly recommend seeking a second opinion from a board certified orthodontist in your area.

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD
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Extractions for Invisalign are extreme

It MAY be the correct thing for you, but there is no going back, so be certain it is necessary (second opinions are good in this scenario). Assuming it is, the plan is likely that the canines will be adjusted to look like laterals, so while they look prominent now, they likely won't in the end.

But you should ask your dentist/orthodontist what the plan is.

As a general rule, "lateralizing the canines" does not work very well.  The root of the canine is very prominent and if narrowed can alter the overall shape of the face.

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I would advise you to seek a consultation with a prosthdontist before proceeding

I assume your orthodontist works closely with a restorative dentist. The reason for this is that the anterior area has high esthetic demands and is a very delicate area to work in (i.e. the width of bone around laterals and centrals is very thin). Losing those teeth unless absolutely necessary may be of great concern later on, as the underlying bone and gums dictate the ultimate result.

Thank you.

Anca Bazile, DDS
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