Invisalign, Upper lateral incisors Will Become Shorter at the Final Tray in my Clincheck?

HI,i'm an invisalign patient and i noticed that at the final clincheck both of my later upper incisor are becoming shorter comparing to to the frontal incisor and i don't like that,and i'm actually scared to continue and my dentist she said there is notting to do! when i started the treatment i didn't have this problem,in fact my main concern was just the lower crowded teeth!please help me!

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Clincheck Plan and final tooth position concerns can be addressed and modified.

If your lateral incisors appear to short, a "refinement" of your Clincheck plan can be made to modify the result for a more acceptable aesthetic final result. You should be aware, however, that some additional services may be necessary such as interproximal reduction (IPR),which is a treatment to create space between teeth such as your lower incisors, and additional bonded attachments, to allow room for your laterals to be brought down or maintained at their original position.

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