Invisalign Treatment Time Vs Damon Braces Treatment Time?

Initially i wanted to get invisalign and got a clincheck saying treatment time would be 14 months. My dentist suggested that Damon braces would how only take 3-6 months (6 months max and he suspected that 3 months was all that was needed). I was happy to learn this but i can't help but feel he is being a little too optimistic in how quickly i can get straight teeth. In your experience, is 3-6 months a little unrealistic considering its less than half the time for my planned invisalign treatment?

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Damon is fast .... but that fast?

I use Damon brackets exclusively along with Invisalign.  I always question how long a treatment time is "expected to take" since we can not accurately predict the rate and quality of tooth movement every individual will experience.  Any fixed therapy of routine quality should take a minimum of 9 months since progressing through the basic arch wire sequence for a comprehensive therapy would require 9 months anyway.  Better to be prepared for the longer estimate and then realize you progressed more rapidly and finished ahead of time!  3-6 months sounds a little too optimistic to me.

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