Invisalign Treatment Nearly Done but Bite is off

i've finished aligning my upper teeth and i just have new aligners for my bottom teeth now. however, when i take my aligners off and bite down i cant bite my back teeth together because my front teeth get in the way. it makes it very difficult to eat! that doesn't seem right to me... also, my upper teeth are supposedly done, but they aren't smooth like perfect teeth are. they're getting there, but my front teeth and canines still stick out a little more than they should. what should i do?

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Talk with your invisalign doctor

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I would recommend that you speak with your invisalign doctor about your concerns. It is possible that you are just done with this round of aligners, but that you will need more aligners, a refinement, to finish your case and improve your bite. In addition, once you have finished wearing your aligners full time,  your teeth will settle and the bite will feel better.

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