Will Invisalign Not Treat my Particular Overbite Successfully?

I had braces as a teenager and had four premolar teeth extracted (upper and lower). Although my teeth were pushed back significantly I once again have an overbite as an adult (not as severe as before). According to an orthodontist the bite on my right side is off and causing the overbite. He said Invisalign would not give me 100% results and extracting another molar and opting for traditional braces was the way to go. I am nervous about extracting more teeth and would like to my options.

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Invisalign can and will treat overbite!

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I would NOT recommend having any more teeth removed to try and correct some minor flaw in your bite.  Invisalign can correct the alignment of your front teeth just fine and are easy to wear. PLEASE get a second opinion before you decide...

Los Angeles Dentist

Options for Treatment

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Hi- From what you are saying it seems that your front teeth are too far over your bottom teeth on your right side and that you have a moderate overjet. I would not recommend extracting another tooth on that side as you already had 4 premolars extracted. There are a few different appliances that can push your top teeth back, or your lower teeth forward (depending on which one you need). These would improve your overjet.  I would need your full records to evaluate that.

It is most likely that braces will work better. Invisalign with adjuncts, including elastics would improve things, but like your orthodontist said, it would not give you 100% perfection.

I would recommend seeing another orthodontist to evaluate your options.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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