Do Invisalign Trays Stain?

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Do Invisalign Aligners Stain

I tell my Invisalign patients to only drink water when wearing their aligners. Drinking any colored liquid could possibly stain the aligners but worse,  can trap harmful sugar against their teeth. Invisalign aligners can also be removed while eating but don't have to be. The same rationale would apply with food as with drinks.

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Invisalign aligners can discolor

Since the aligners are changed every 2 weeks, by the time they begin to discolor they are discarded.  Most report a "yellowing" tint to the aligners, and this effect can be minimized by only drinking water with them in.  The aligners can trap other materials and essentially "bathe" the teeth in this material (coffee, cola or wine) until the next brushing, which can lead to severe amounts of decay.

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Invisalign trays do get STAINS!!!

Treat your aligners like your own teeth, brush/wash them after you exposed them to dark liquids/food that potentially leaves stains in the aligners.  You can always purchased a liquid cleaner over the counter, such as the ones for denture cleansing.  Dr. Dalvir Pannu.

Dalvir Pannu, DDS
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Yes Invisalign Trays Do Stain

Invisalign trays do stain, but this really has never been the case with my invisalign patients. The trays are changed every two weeks. When they are in, try to drink liquids that will not stain them.  They should always be removed when you eat, so you do not have to worry so much about food stains. People who invest in invisalign want the results to be the best and so they really take care of their mouth, trays and remove them when appropriate.....not every half hour to snack or have a coke! 

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Prevent Your Invisalign Trays From Becoming Grungy Looking

Generally, Invisalign trays will not stain during the period that they are being worn. However, they can become "grungy" or cloudy looking if they are not cleaned properly. They are affected by the same bacteria and oral fluids the teeth are. They should be cleaned as often as you brush your teeth i.e. at least 3 times per day or more.

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They stain very little in the 2 weeks of wear!

I tell my patients that although it is BEST to only drink water with them in that I DO NOT want them removing them for 20 minutes to have a Diet Coke..I recommend that they drink what they want and then to rinse them as soon as possible in a restroom or when its convenient. Dr Thomas

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Invisalign staining

common sense is key....don't drink things that stain!...good news though is that you change them every two weeks so this is usually not a problem

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Invisalign trays can discolor

When you get your invisalign trays it is best to only drink water when you have them in. It is a material that can discolor if you drink it with any liquids that have pigment to them

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