Are my Invisalign Trays Fitting Properly?

One of my trays on a problem tooth area has torn. I am only on set #2 and am due to put in set #3 on 2/11. Unfortunately, the tear occurred this evening and it is a Friday night. What should I do until Tuesday when I put my new trays in? I am wondering if my trays are fitting properly. They feel right and I don't notice anything weird, but I'm nervous I will have to back track if they aren't fitting right.

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What if my tray tears?

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As an Invisalign wearer, myself, I have experienced a tray tearing before I was due to place my next set of trays. If you are within a couple of days of your next tray set, go ahead and try in the next set of trays. If they fit, move up to this set of trays and keep the same date for the following set. In other words, extend the amount of time in this new set.

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