Invisalign to Repair Bite After Braces?

I used to have braces. After taking them off, there is the 2-week-waiting period for the retainer. While waiting, my teeth started shifting. Now, my upper tooth has moved back slightly to where it used to be. It's not nearly as bad as it was before I had braces, but it's affecting my bite.  My left front tooth touches my bottom teeth, which are still straight, while my right front tooth goes behind my bottom tooth when I close my mouth. Will Invisalign work for me?

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Invisalign will work for this case

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Sounds like you already have a cross bite situation going on which is very harmful to your teeth and the enamel. Invisalign can fix that in as little as 8-10 months if done by a trained professional.

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Invisalign works VERY well for ortho "the second time around"

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It is normal to have some shifting and settling of teeth after braces, including invisalign. Quite often, a simple polish of some points of teeth can help, but in this case, starting orthodontics over is also an option.

If it is a minor amount of movement, you may qualify for Express, which often costs 25% less.

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