Invisalign for Tilting Canine?

I had traditional Braces 13 years ago. My teeth have come out a little in the front and crowded. Also, one of my bottom canines is tilting towards the molar right next to it (it is actually at a 45 degree angle).

This tilting is because during my previous braces treatment, a tooth was removed just between this canine and molar(4 teeth were removed then - one on each side).

Is it possible to correct these problems with Invisalign? How long will it take approximately for this?

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Correcting Braces Relapse With Invisalign

You case sounds a little complex, but manageable with Invisalign. Invisalign has now been shown to be an excellent treatment for more complex cases. Check with your dentist or Invisalign-provider orthodontist to get started. You'll have nice looking teeth once again in no time. Good luck!

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This movement is very difficult to achieve with Invisalign

Most of the question of this nature are answered by cosmetic dentist and not a board certified orthodontist. A cosmetic dentist does not have the training nor expertise to give you an honest answer.

I can tell you as a specialist that this movement is almost impossible to achieve with invisalign. The problem that occurred with your previous orthodontic treatment is the space was closed by tilting the crown of the canine and not properly aligning the root with the crown of the tooth. Invisalign will do the same thing.

It is very difficult to move a tooth bodily through bone without a physical attachment to the tooth. Your best alternative is going with traditional braces or behind the teeth braces (IBraces) to properly position the tooth. The minor in and out movements can be align with invisalign, but with the other issues I would recommend traditional braces with an orthodontic specialist.

Best regards.

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

Invisalign is great "the second time"

Normally, Invisalign is IDEAL for the relapse cases, cases that had traditional braces as a youth and as an adult has noticed drifting (or other changes). This likely applies in this case, but "it depends". Tilting is usually not a problem, but rotations can be a challenge.

The average invisalign case lasts for 11 months. If your goals can be achieved in 10 aligners or less, you would qualify for Invisalign Express. This would amount to 5 months time. All cases vary.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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