Invisalign for Misaligned Tooth?

I have just had an Invisalign consultation to fix overcrowding. My main concern is one overcrowded tooth which sticks out. The orthodontist told me that Invisalign will shift my teeth forward (and traditional braces will push them back). I am concerned because I don't want to end up with buck teeth! I am really only worried about my one tooth which is misaligned. I apparently also have a slight overbite and was told that Invisalign won't fix that. I am concerned about Invisalign moving my teeth forward (to meet with the overcrowded tooth). Is it possible to make extra room without moving teeth forward or back? What options are available?

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The teeth will come forward with any method you use

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Believe it or not the canine tooth is in a pretty good position. The problem is the upper front teeth, especially on the right side, are leaning back. You have more crowding towards that side and your midline is shifted towards that side. Invisalign or braces is going to expand or push forward your upper front teeth, eliminate the crowding and align the midline on your facial midline. The normal position of your upper teeth is forward. The reason an overbite will be form is because your lower jaw bone is setback in relation to the upper jaw bone.

The orthodontist is correct in saying that invisalign cannot correct the overbite, because the only way to correct the overbite is to move the lower jaw forward. Now, since you are a non-growing adult, the only way to reduce that overbite is to surgically advance the lower jaw. By moving the lower jaw bone forward this will reduce the overbite, create a proper occlusion and, indirectly, straighten your profile.

The other alternative is to extract two upper premolars which will give you the space needed to reduce the overbite preventing the upper front teeth from coming forward. However, I would highly recommend not doing this, because you are treating a skeletal issue orthodontically, which can adversely affect facial esthetics. Either of these method should not be treated with invisalign, but rather traditional braces.

Now, if you only want to move the upper front teeth forward to eliminate the crowding without correcting the overbite this could be accomplished with invisalign. But without permanent retention your lip pressure will eventually push the upper front teeth back to their present condition... guaranteed!

Atlanta Orthodontist

Invisalign to correct Mal-aligned tooth

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I believe Invisalign will be an excellent technique to correct your tooth. If performed correctly, your teeth will not have to be pushed forward. I also notice you appear to have a bit of a deep bite -- you may as well go ahead and correct that (with Invisalign) at the same time. Good Luck!

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