Invisalign with Teeth Extraction or Any Other Good Treatment Options? (photo)

Hi all, recommendation from an orthodontist to correct my overbite and lower/upper teeth protrusion with invisalign is that I need to have 4 bicuspid extracted for the 2-year treatment to achieve the desired result. I am a bit concerned about teeth extraction as they are healthy, and I will be seeking further orthodontist opinions shortly. I thought I’d throw this to you as well for your opinions on alternative treatment options. Your suggestions will be handy for my next consultation. Thanks

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Invisalign and Bicuspid Extractions

I would seek out other opinions. If I had a choice, I would try to correct the bite as best as possible without the extractions. Sometimes, extractions lead to a much narrower arch that can result in TMJ and Sleep Apnea (snoring) issues.

New York Dentist

Do I need extractions?

Nobody HAS to have extractions...but sometimes they are necessary to correct certain problems.  You could certainly be treated without extractions but you seem to have extremely protrusive teeth (even by Afro-American standards).  If you want to retract your front teeth back significantly then extractions are really the only way to provide the amount of room necessary....your call which way...just get all the info

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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