Does Invisalign Teen Need to Use "Buttons"?

i am looking inot getting invisalign teen and was wondering if teens still need to get the "buttons". also will i need to get any teeth pulled before starting treatment?

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Not all Invisalign cases need buttons

Every case is unique, so some need to use buttons and others do not.  If it is determined that buttons are necessary and you insist on NOT using them, the case may not turn out as expected.  Consult with an orthodontist or experienced Invisalign dentist to find out what your case requires.

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We need a photo of your teeth to answer these questions.

Extractions are determined by your doctor based on xrays,crowding and bite issues that need to be solved. We cannot  answer that particular question online. Sorry.

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Invisalign teen

I would recommend that you see an orthodontist who can look at your teeth and give you a better idea of your teeth and Invisalign teen and if you are even a candidate for this treatment.

It will depend on your case whether or not you need "buttons" or attachments. It is possible to get Invisalign Teen without them but that will be up to your doctor based upon your teeth. Whether or not you need to get teeth pulled will depend on your teeth and bite, treatment plan, and doctor, but there is a high chance that if you need to get teeth pulled, you are not a candidate for Invisalign Teen.

Once again, I would recommend seeing an orthodontist.

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