Is Invisalign a Good Substitute for Braces?

I have crowding since my wisdom teeth grew in. I do not want regular braces to fix the problem. Is Invisalign a good alternative in place of braces?

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Invisalign is a good substitute for braces

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I had adult braces for 18 months when I first got out of dental school and they sucked big time. I couldnt eat salad, I couldn't kiss, and they made my lips bleed all the time. I would have totally done Invisalign had they had them in 1991. They are easy and removeable and wont cut your lips or tongue and they don't make you look like a 12 year old .

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If the crowding is minor and you are not looking for perfection, then yes.

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If your crowding is minor across the lower front teeth and you have a relative good bite, then yes, Invisalign will work for you.  

If there are some bite issues and you are looking for perfection, then I would suggest fixed appliances (braces).

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Dr. Jim Awbrey

James J. Awbrey IV, DMD
Atlanta Orthodontist

It all depends on the current condition and desired outcome

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Invisalign is a great tool, but it isn't for EVERY situation or personality. It CAN take longer than traditional ortho in some cases, so for the type A personality that wants it done quick and perfect and in only one take (no midcourse corrections, etc), then it is NOT for them...

Discuss with your Dr your goals and s/he can share with you the pros and cons of Invisalign as it applies to you. Minor crowding as you describe should be just fine with Invisalign.

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